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West House holds a stock of other publishers’ books, with an emphasis on poets we have published ourselves, and we act as distributor for the North American presses Ahadada and Slack Buddha.

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Golden Handcuffs Review 1.16

Lou Rowan (editor)

Contributions by Robert Kelly, Maurice Scully, Jesse Glass, Hank Lazer, David Antin. Ken Edwards, Louis Armand et al. Gi . . .   More

Golden Handcuffs Review  2013  ·  Price £10.00  · 1479


Golden Handcuffs Review 1.17

Lou Rowan (editor)

Contributions by Robert Coover, Meredith Quartermain, Jerome Rothenberg, Jesse Glass, Alan Halsey et al. Tom Meyer inter . . .   More

Golden Handcuffs Review  2013  ·  Price £10.00  · 1480


Golden Handcuffs Review 1.19

Lou Rowan (editor)

Toby Olson feature + drawings by Robert C. Jones + poetry & prose by David Antin, Rae Armantrout, George Economou, Ken E . . .   More

Golden Handcuffs Review  2014  ·  Price £10.00  · 1640


Hole in the Ground

Catherine Wagner


Slack Buddha  2008  ·  Price £4.00  · 1111

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Homage to Homunculus Mandrake:

Alan Halsey

An exploration of the Paracelsian aspects of Beddoes’ play, arguing that its structure is based on the ‘as a . . .   More

Thomas Lovell Beddoes Society  1996  ·  Price £4.50  · 145

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In Addition:

Alan Halsey

These lives written in miniature poems form part of a work in progress; Sir Thomas Wyatt, Abraham Cowley and Lady Mary W . . .   More

Slack Buddha  2004  ·  Price £3.60  · 115

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In White Writing

Alan Halsey

In White Writing is a narrative visual poem or graphic novella or both. A record in either case of a life lived on paper . . .   More

Xexoxial Editions  2012  ·  Price £12.95  · 1389

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Geraldine Monk

In 1612, ten people from the Pendle area of East Lancashire were hanged as witches in the city of Lancaster. They had fa . . .   More

Creation  1994  ·  Price £12.00  · 230

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