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West House holds a stock of other publishers’ books, with an emphasis on poets we have published ourselves, and we act as distributor for the North American presses Ahadada and Slack Buddha.

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They Who Saw The Deep

Geraldine Monk

At the heart of They Who Saw The Deep is the nature of water; water as giver and taker of life, luxuriant and lethal in . . .   More

Parlor Press / Free Verse Editions  2016  ·  Price £10.00  · 1879

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Tiger Lilies

Geraldine Monk

16 poems.

Rivelin Press  1982  ·  Price £6.00  · 291

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Tilting Square

Gavin Selerie

‘Articulated within fourteen-line structures that formally engage ideas of order and release from order, these poe . . .   More

Binnacle  1992  ·  Price £7.95  · 300

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Topical Ointment

Keith Tuma

Not quite a balm for the conscience, these poetic political critiques are equal opportunity jibes.

Slack Buddha  2004  ·  Price £3.60  · 263

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Trimorphic Protennoia

Jesse Glass


Elephantine  2002  ·  Price £5.00  · 195

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Geraldine Monk

Broadside printed by the Giclee process on heavy mould-made pure-cotton watercolour paper, 330 x 483 mm.

Five Seasons  2009  ·  Price £22.00  · 1259


Versions of Martial

Alan Halsey

Versions of Martial offers a more generous choice of the Latin poet’s work than most translators allow. Alongside the fa . . .   More

Knives Forks & Spoons  2015  ·  Price £12.00  · 1649

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VIII Stepping Poems & other pieces

Fergal Gaynor

‘In all the poems there is a consistent economy, a razor-like sharpness of thought and image, which pleases and su . . .   More

Miami UP & New Writers Press  2011  ·  Price £10.00  · 1376

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