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The Ushabtis

Bill Griffiths

Published by Talus 2001

Edition 1st

Format Bill Griffiths   Condition Fine

Wrappers. 95 poems which range ‘down the corridors, windows, and traps of our four-sided world, with no safety net set during the scrutiny of past or present assumptions.’

Price £6.00


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Bill Griffiths

Walks in a Daisy Chain

Geraldine Monk

Published by Magenta 1991

Format  Distributed

’Here are 41 characters, lyrical grumbles, smug self-assessments, flights of soliloquial frenzy, all linked, and all individually word-carved, the quarks and neutrons of the housewife, the fine and living art of the butcher, showing us our exciting in-built gift for getting what really matters essentially wrong, not smart satires but basic fun-kits, the swank of the policeman’s helmet, the sub-editor’s stunning punning, sliding incorrigibly from one profession to another, till the final sonic link joins up.’ Bill Griffiths

Price £6.25


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