Graphic books and sequences

A Circumacetation of David Kennedy’s ‘Cornell’

An Imp Unity of Dyads

Boston Test-Pit: A Mystery

By All Accounts: Merzpoems for the Inland Revenue

Complex Crosses for Edmund Hardy

Dee & Kelley's Celestial Handbook

From the Memory Screen Notebooks

Geraldine Monk at the Midland Hotel

I Remember Dreamtime: for mIEKAL aND, his Time Machine & Dreamtime Village

In Memory of the Smith Premier

In White Writing

Intercept Evidence

Inverse Unverses

Paradigms Surplus to Requirements

Preliminary Sketches

Prose of the Trans-siberian & of the Little Jeanne de France

Saturday Dinner with Professor Denny

Selected UV Docs

Shew-Screen Scenarios

Six Sextets


The Last Hunting of the Lizopard

The Second Hunting of the Lizopard

The Terrible Revenge of Text on Mr Punch

Third Man Subscript (Ration Book Draft)

This Problem of Script

Transcriptions Pending Translation

When Things Were Largely Black & White