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Your Thinking Tracts or Nations


Kelvin Corcoran
& Alan Halsey

Poems by Kelvin Corcoran with graphics by Alan Halsey.

‘These unhinged, doodle-like pictures enact some rarely seen cosmic catastrophe somewhere in deepest space where things are either beginning or ending ... the poems echo other poems, other writers, other tones, entering into these pulsating world-fields and giving them a sharp historical reminder.’

Ralph Hawkins, The North

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Geraldine Monk

Poems and performance pieces 1995-2001.

‘I am continuously awed by Monk’s opening out of experiential spaces both in terms of drama and close feeling, the way she catches the small words we offer in the face of immensities.’
(David Annwn)

‘Wild, erotic and deeply strange writing. A poetry that reveals the unspeakable wierdness of the everyday.’ (Sean Bonney)

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Complete Travels


Martin Corless-Smith

‘It’s as if Corless-Smith manages the almost impossible: to make contemporary techniques combine with the traditional in such a way that he turns on its head both the old and the new’


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Escafeld Hangings


Geraldine Monk

'Escafeld' is the Anglo-Saxon name for Sheffield. In 'Escafeld Hangings' Geraldine Monk trawls through this 'City of Eternal Construction' concentrating mainly on the enigmatic figure of Mary Queen of Scots who was imprisoned there from 1570 until 1584. 'Escafeld Hangings' offers a psychological mapping of political imprisonment with its implications for our own time. It also presents a Queen of Scots who escapes into the future and talks as freely of Ikea and the Robin Hood Airport as of stomachers and jesters. Includes an audio CD of a performance of 'Mary Through the Looking Glass' by Geraldine Monk and Ligia Roque.

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