West House Books

Alan Halsey


Poetry and graphics 1984-2008


A Looking-Glass for Logoclasts: Retrospective


Drawn with Scissors & Written with Glue

Other graphic sequences


Geraldine Monk


A mini-biobib of outscapes and interiors


Poetry and places, with sound and pictures

‘As Alan Halsey has written, Sing or else.
Or was that Jerry Lee Lewis? Could be either, they’re such similar figures in my mind.’ Kelvin Corcoran

‘his most original contribution is the re-absorbing [of] verbal dispersion into poetry in a manner one is tempted to describe as post-concrete... One might alternatively describe his work as Neo-baroque .’ Yann Lovelock

‘The few attempts I've seen at dealing with his work seem to throw their hands up and just regard him as a force of nature. I think I can agree with that. His writings are the dark side of the moon, and reading them from the front isn’t very profitable.’ Michael Peverett

‘[he] has a form which is about as bilateral as a mash of notes just before Monk’s left hand has hit them’ Tony Baker

‘It seems to me Mr Halsey’s poetry (like all logoclastic poetry) foregrounds the communicative value of discourse.’ Gregory Vincent St Thomasino

‘Geraldine Monk is both a comic and a ferocious writer.she writes with a sense of fury that is almost drowned out by laughter.’ Tim Allen

'.wild, erotic and deeply strange writing. A poetry that reveals the unspeakable weirdness of the everyday.’ Sean Bonney

‘I am continuously awed by Monk’s opening out of experiential spaces both in terms of drama and close feeling, the way she catches the small words we offer in the face of immensities.’ David Annwn